Soviet and Russian Testbed Aircraft

Absolutely worth the money. Very professional writing, good photos and really tech views. If you are like I am, passionate about military aircraft definitively worth having. This book gives us a well documented and researched look into an area of aviation that is often overlooked. The authors know their subject and do a good job conveying that knowledge! This book would be a good addition to the shelf of the aviation historian, Sovie...

Standard Catalog of Military Firearms: The Collector's Price and Reference Guide

The trusted guide to collectible military firearms! Phillip Peterson is a full-time, federally licensed firearms dealer with more than 25 years of experience in military firearms and collectibles. A certified master gunsmith, Peterson has been a featured columnist for Gun Digest the Magazine and is also the editor of Gun Digest Buyer's Guide to Tactical Rifles. Standard Catalog of Military Firearms, 7th edition, contains more than 2,...

Massad Ayoob's Greatest Handguns of the World Volume II

This is a very descriptive book that goes into detail of some of the greatest handgun manufacturers. I've been around guns for over 25 years and still learned a few things about various gun manufacturers that I did not know. Very Informative and would highley recommend this book. MORE! of the Greatest Handguns of the World From the Best-Known, Most Popular Handgun Authority in the World After the first edition of Greatest Handguns of...

Machine-guns And The Great War

This book dispells the myth of lines of men mindlessly crossing dead man's land into machinegun fire. The fact is that tactics changed during the war as generals tried to avoid the devistation of machineguns. The author uses original documents from the British Imperial War Museum to show how both sides modified their tactics, which worked, and which failed. This book is a must if you are a student of WW I and don't want to fall for t...

The Illustrated History of Ammunition

New Burlington, London, 1985. Hardcover. Book Condition: Very Good. Dust Jacket Condition: good. First Edition. the top edge of the dust jacket adjacent spine shows signs of water damage, there is no other damage to detail. The book itself is clean and free of damage. The full title is military and civil ammunition from the beginnings to the present day, and the book shows in colour and black-and-white photographs, and in colour draw...

Gun Digest Book Of Exploded Gun Drawings, 3rd Edition

This book is handy for the serious shooter that needs the details of the firearms it illustrates. It will save you money when doing minor repairs. It covers many common fire arms and a few less common ones. At least another volume is needed covering newer guns. Parts identification for more than 1,000 guns! Revised and expanded to include the newest, most popular guns on the market, this book is the must-have reference for gunsmiths,...

Gun Digest’s Shooter’s Guide To Concealed Carry

Want to learn about protecting yourself and your loved ones with a handgun? Gun Digest Shooter's Guide to Concealed Carry is your best resource to answer the fundamental questions of carrying a concealed handgun. Written by experienced firearms instructor and military veteran Jorge Amselle, this book sorts through the issues involved in concealed carry to provide an easy-to-understand introduction. It is full of real-world advice and...

Combat Kamasutra

Take the battlefield into the bedroom with Combat Kamasutra - the next evolution in hand to hand combat. Combat Kamasutra turns a fictional battlefield scenario into a practical tactical reality. A book providing laughs for the combat savvy and the wartime novice, everyone can enjoy the positions with or without automatic weapons. Play safe, play hard and live the dream with Combat Kamasutra.

Combat Leader’s Field Guide: 14th Edition

A guide to the basic skills all soldiers, sailors, and Marines must know to prevail in small-unit dismounted combat operations, including planning, battle drills for offense and defense operations, patrols, construction and emplacement of fighting positions, use of weapons and call for fire, land navigation and map reading, communications, close quarter battle, and tactical combat casualty care. Extensively updated to include both th...