Metawhore: My Cock Don't Talk Politics

Metawhore is without doubt the most controversial autobiography of 2012. The author cleverly fuses a thoroughly entertaining life story with thought provoking philosophy. Buried within the pages is a mirror that consistently reflects the sub-conscious of the reader, asking questions of the self usually considered taboo? Humorous, morally challenging, honest, unapologetic and wholly addictive, Metawhore is not just a compelling read b...

Horoskop Der Liebe – Sternzeichen Krebs, Auflage: 2

Der unendliche Kalender im Anhang zeigt fur jeden Tag in einer Biokurve die Energien der Libido, des Korpers, des Geistes und der Liebe. Die Bucher der 12-bandigen Reihe verraten erotische Geheimnisse des jeweiligen Tierkreiszeichens und geben Aufschluss daruber, warum Partnerkonstellationen glucklich verlaufen oder scheitern konnen. Welche Sternzeichen passen gut zusammen, welche weniger? Bei welchen Verbindungen ist Streit vorprogr...

How to Hug A Porcupine: Easy Ways to Love the Difficult People in Your Life

This book may not tell you tons of new ideas, but it is very helpful to digest these anecdotes bit by bit the way the author lays it out. It gave me some reminders of strategies I should be using daily. Great resource!!! A darling, easy reader chock full of useful information and tips on how to deal with and love those difficult people in our lives. Provides insight and understanding into their behavior so that we may bridge those gaps.

The Complete Dream Book of Love and Relationships

What do your dreams really mean...for your love life? The Complete Dream Book of Love and Relationships is a groundbreaking guidebook for using what's already in your head to understand your heart. Respected dream analyst and intuition expert Gillian Holloway uses the interpretations of 30,000 actual dreams from people just like you to help you access the wisdom in your dreams so you can make the most of your relationships. Discover ...

It's So Hard to Love You

Smart Strategies for Dealing with People Who Are Really Hard to Love Most of us have someone in our life that we care about, but who is really hard to love: a spouse or sibling with an addiction or anger problem, a parent whose actions frighten or frustrate you, an adult child whom you feel makes the wrong choices over and over, or a friend or other relative who can't get it together. Just because someone you love has a problem, thou...

Les stratégies de l'amour

Notre besoin d'amour est régulierement mis a mal par les inévitables difficultés d'une relation affective. Dans notre quête vers la résolution de cet éternel conflit homme / femme, l'auteur nous invite à reconsidérer un point de vue particulier: celui de l'évolution des espèces. Sa passionnante enquête auprès de trente-sept cultures met en évidence à quel point les constantes dégagées sont inhérentes à la condition humaine.

Introverted Seduction

How can introverted guys attract and seduce women? If you are independent, quiet, don't like to follow the crowd, or don't like a lot of chitchat, INTROVERTED SEDUCTION gives you the info you need to: *Speak less, but say more: quality over quantity *Let your body and eyes do the talking for you *Be honest and genuine *Lead her from place to place to deepen the connection *Create sexual energy *Create interesting conversation by talk...

Relationship Coaching

Relationship Coaching provides a comprehensive guide to coaching to achieve relationship success and enrichment in three main areas: to help single people to form and secure stable relationships, to assist couples seeking to enhance their relationship and to support parents looking to improve their relationships with their children. Yossi Ives is an experienced relationship coach and Elaine Cox is an expert on developmental coaching ...

The Energies of Love

"Donna Eden and David Feinstein empower readers with knowledge and techniques from ancient energy healing and spiritual practices that will forever change the way you understand relationship. These are revolutionary ideas! I highly recommend The Energies of Love."

Dude! What Were You Thinking A Common Sense Guide to Dating & Relationships

Noah Van Hochman’s unique, nonstandard perspectives on life, the universe and dating are said to be due in part to the interesting cocktail of his massive intellect, boyish charm, fading good looks and of course, a colossal ego! With a philosophy and demeanor that seems to be more like equal parts Doctor Evil and the Dalai Lama, rather than an Adventurer with an MBA, his alcohol-induced opinions will surely entertain and inform those...